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YOU ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD Take a journey through the systems of the body-explore how the body performs and how the Body of Christ should perform, as explained by a Christian physician. This insightful and beautifully written book draws parallels between our physical and spiritual needs from the unique perspective of a medical and spiritual professional. Just as all of the systems of the body work together for the function of the physical body, members of the global church should work together to carry out the function of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Learn how we are fearfully and wonderfully made…in the Body of Christ. “Without controversy, great insights are being released by the Holy Spirit today concerning the mysteries of the Kingdom set apart and reserved for the Last Days. With great insight and intellectual understanding,


“Dr. Melita Williams provides valuable teaching concerning our physical bodies and the parallel with the Body of Christ in her book The Body of Christ: The Spiritual Revealed Through the Natural. The apostle Paul spoke of this as one of the mysteries involving the Lord Jesus as our Head and His people joined to him as His body. These insights will clearly aid us in fulfilling 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and our admonition to be fully sanctified spirit, soul and body by the workings of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of the Scriptures.”

-Paul Keith Davis White Dove Ministries